Concrete Palisade is a large scale manufacturer of Concrete Palisade Fencing. We manufacture 6ft (1.8 meter high), 8ft (2.4 meter high) and 9ft (2.7ft high) precast concrete palisade fencing.

Our specialist team of consultants are ready to meet you and your team on site for an evaluation of your project as soon as you may need them. We specialise in installations that require specialist attention.

Our Concrete Palisade Fencing manufacturing team produces a high quality, durable and strong product that will withstand the test of the most discerning engineer. We use only the highest grade aggregates and use a steaming technology to increase the strength of our product. Our installation teams are highly experienced and can, depending on circumstances, install up to 100 meters of Concrete Palisade per day.

Should you wish to arrange a site inspection with one of our experienced consultants, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Tel: 011 968 1142Tel: 011 968 1142
Cel: 082 886 3996 082 886 3996


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